Popular Finishes 

Our Project was to upgrade the existing kitchen from builder's grade to fabulous without giving up our retirement. Cabinet doors, hardware, soft close hinges, glass windows in 6 doors and all in the same footprint. The job was completed in an orderly fashion with clean up done each time he left.
- Ron H.

Rubbed Black

Multiple layer finish with any top coat layer rubbed back, revealing the base color

Glazed Green

A nine later finish featuring detailing and glaze effect w/ worn edges.

Straight Stain Coverup

Door on left is original stain (before) while the two doors on the right are the Re-Stained finished (after).

A Re-Stain effect when you would like to keep the stained look of wood. Amazing transformation for plain oak cabinets.

Brushed Inlay

A nine layer finish, featuring detailing and glaze effects.

Traditional SOlids

Bright white, metallic, and timeless expresso, are some popular selections.

Burnt Ember

Textured finish using the latest stencils. Glazed with an ink-like material to produce Burnt Edges.